Tugnutt: A Love Supreme

Tugnutt A Love Supreme Poster Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Writer of 'Tugnutt: A Love Supreme' Nathan Yacos has received a Masters in Special Education. Undergraduate Degree in Political Science. Special education teacher for over 17 years. Currently working at Triton High School in North Carolina. Teaching American History, Language Arts and Math. Grew up in Smithtown, New York.

Enjoy writing satirical humor and thought provoking drama screenplays. My work is original, silly or heavy, and challenges the status quo. Normal, what's that? I seek viewing the flip side of circumstances and everyday events. Keeps things spicy.


  • Screenplay Title: "Tugnutt: A Love Supreme"
  • Writer: Nathan Yacos
  • Pages: 105
  • Category: Comedy Feature Film Screenplay
  • Synopsis: "Recovering alcoholic and family man Ted Tugnutt, after being fired from his job, inadvertently saves a man from choking at a local art festival. When the heroic incident is captured by a local camera crew, a TV producer hires him to pose as a doctor for a television commercial for Vaginela, a product geared towards female arousal. When it goes viral, his front yard becomes a battleground in the war between “Vaginists” and “Purists.” As he attempts to thwart the attention, he becomes all the more famous, and is seen as a desirable spokesman, including by the LGBTQ movement. In the meantime, he struggles to bond with his daughter and her boyfriend, and construct a bridge."


  • Writer: Nathan Yacos

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