The Strategy of Water

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Artist Bio

Director of 'The Strategy of Water' Fabio Pellegrinelli has worked on the set of numerous television fiction, short films and advertising, collaborating with the RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera and with various independent production companies (including Amka Films and Peacock Film). After studying at the CSIA (Educational Center for Artistic Industries, artistic maturity) and at CISA (International Conservatory of Audiovisual Sciences, diploma of film-television director)

In 2007 he was hired as one of the first CSR videomakers. Over the years he has made various services and documentaries for programs such as Albert's Garden, Stories, Il Quotidiano, Squot, Latele and others. Since 2010 he has been a television director and has made inquiries for Falò and Patti Chiari.

In 2014 he is the director of the first Italian-language web series produced by SRG SSR and entitled Notte Noir, winner of numerous international awards (above all the Roma Web Fest, the Rome Web Award and the Efebo D'Oro Award in Palermo).


  • Film Title: "The Strategy of Water"
  • Director: Fabio Pellegrinelli
  • Runtime: 10 minutes 2 seconds
  • Category: Comedy TV Pilot
  • Tagline: "What is Switzerland known for? The mountains… Clocks… Chocolate… Emmentaler… Heidi, Roger Federer, William Tell. And, of course, there are the banks. But… what would happen if, one day, a Swiss bank merged with a Chinese financial group?"

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Fabio Pellegrinelli
  • Writer: Antonella Anastasia
  • Writer: Andrea Stephani
  • Writer: Samuela Lepori
  • Writer: Mattia della Puppa
  • Writer: Francesca Serafini
  • Writer: Enrico Manfredini
  • Writer: Paolo Ramoni
  • Key Cast: Davide Strava
  • Key Cast: Alexandra Camposampiero
  • Key Cast: Giancarlo Previati
  • Key Cast: Nicola Cioce
  • Key Cast: Fausto Beretta Piccoli
  • Key Cast: Diego Benzoni
  • Key Cast: Yoon C. Joyce

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