“The Contingency Plan” written by Connor Tkachuk

The Contingency Plan 2 Connor Tkachuk Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

Artist Bio

Connor Tkachuk is a quick rising voice in the world of scripted comedy. His mentors Bob Fisher (Writer, Wedding Crashers/ We are the Millers), and Rob Greenberg (Meet Dave/ HIMYM), have helped shape the writing of his breakout feature THE CONTINGENCY PLAN (attached). After THE CONTINGENCY PLAN, he will be shopping around a Scifi/ Comedy Pilot PROJECT SPACEMAN which will chronicle two defunct MIT graduates who dupe the Latvian government into spearheading a publicly funded Latvian space program.

In the past Connor has done punch-up and written jokes for the likes of Anna Faris (Scary Movie, Mom), Eva Longoria (Overboard), Eugenio Derbez (How to be a Latin Lover) and Mel Rodriguez (Last Man on Earth), while helping produce the Canadian independent comedy NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT, by director Mark Sawers (Kids in the Hall).

"The Contingency Plan" written by Connor Tkachuk 


The 108 page screenplay "The Contingency Plan" by Screenwriter Connor Tkachuk is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


Tagline: "After losing his job and discovering his girlfriend is 5 months pregnant, a down-and-out Jake, accompanied by his schlubby best friend, Grettum, enlist the help of two professional con-artists to help fake their deaths and start new lives using the collected life insurance money."

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