“Sunburnt” Written by Heidi Jacobsen

"Sunburnt" written by Heidi Jacobsen 

The 27 page screenplay "Sunburnt" by Screenwriter Heidi Jacobsen is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.

Overview: "A young alcoholic turns her life around in hopes of finding sanity.
Greta has dumped her alcoholic boyfriend Peter. She struggles to form a new life for herself. She moves to Bombay Beach, a quaint seaside town, finds a small cottage to move into, gets a job with a lawyer and forms new relationships in hopes of living a clean and sober life.

She struggles with issues from the past and spends time at the beach alone, soaking up the suns rays in her Brazilian bikini. She vows to stay away from men but meets Garth, a preppy married man whom she befriends. She dates Jimmy, a guitarist, who mysteriously commits suicide after their first date. She and her friend Kat honor Jimmys music in an event they plan to put on with the help of the dazzling Voodoo club owner Sly Wishbone.

Greta finds Sly very attractive and has a brief fling with him. She then finds out he has other woman in his life and she is hurt after the affair.

Greta and Kat travel down to the Key West on a girls trip out, where they talk girl talk about men.

Garth is married to Joanne and they have two spoiled twin daughters, Gwen and Gabriella. Joanne is an artist and has been supported by Garths wealthy boss Sol, a wealthy South African investor. Joanne tells Garth that’s he wants a divorce and wishes to marry Sol. Garth is shocked. He continues to work for Sol on a project in Palm Beach. The project is the renovation of a Palm Beach compound turned into a boutique hotel, “The Chateau”, owned by a former reclusive movie star.

Garth and Greta picnic at the beach one day and Garth asks Greta to help him in the Chateau, Greta agrees and he kisses her, taking their relationship to the next level.

Sly leaves South Florida for Los Angeles to see his girlfriend Natalie. He finds her in bed with another man and holes himself up in a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He then meets Tabitha, an entertainment agent in Beverly Hills and falls in love all over again. Sly is a rolling stone,he can never change his ways.

Greta finds herself gearing up for the grand gala, must shop for an evening gown and make her first formal appearance with Garth. Greta finds love again in her life and self worth and hope."

Characters in series Greta 
Late twenties 
Her self worth is gone 
Needs to be convinced of love again Tired of alcoholic life

Late twenties 
A cheerleader in Gretas life Single and looking

Late 40’s 
Rich and handsome in a preppy way Secure 
Real estate developer 
Has no idea his wife is cheating on him

Late 20’s 
Alcoholic and drug user 
Doesn’t give a damn or believe in God 
Talented musician

Late 40’s 
Bohemian Clubowner Sexy 
Ladies man/Womanizer Uncommitted 

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