Scab Poster Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Lee Kitchen is a writer and illustrator with a BA and MA in Journalism and creative writing courses with notable writers and organizations. Studied under writers Marvin Barton (O’Henry Award); Bob Shacochis (American Book Award) and Janet Burroway (Playwright and Writer). Published material includes poetry and articles in literary magazines, an international business magazine, and humor features in local newspapers. Awards for plays/screenplays (Last Frontier Play Lab Panelist Favorite, Southwest Theatre Honorable Mention, and the first cut at the Sundance Feature Festival). A short play, “Scabs,” was selected as a finalist in the Humana Festival of New American Plays.  


  • Screenplay Title: "Scabs"
  • Writer: Lee Kitchen
  • Pages: 44
  • Category: Comedy Feature Film Screenplay
  • Synopsis: "A strike at a popular Latin Soap Opera results in the hiring of Scab writers, actors, director and producer. The lead actors, male and female used to date each other and now despise each other. No one is very familiar with the Spanish language. German with subtitles and Spanish with subtitles is used because the conflict involves everyone on the set, including the make-up artists, the producer and the director and the cast."


  • Writer: Lee Kitchen

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