Planet Venice 2 Screenwriter Robert Cole Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

“Planet Venice” written by Robert Cole

"Planet Venice" written by Robert Cole 

The 21 page screenplay "Planet Venice" by Screenwriter Robert Cole is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.

Tagline: "Two aliens from the planet Mondo Cane where dogs rule (think "Planet of the Apes" with dogs) are on a mission to find a suitable planet for their inhabitants to relocate having abused the environment of their home, not unlike on earth. Gwem-Swa the humanoid and Mr. Sutton, the dog, named by a well meaning earthling land at Venice Beach, California in their steampunk spaceship.

Mr. Sutton and Gwem-Swa are separated at first with Mr. Sutton exploring the neighborhood. Gwen-Swa quickly learns the eccentric ways of Venice and is taken for a local in his spacesuit. After several mishaps with owners Mr. Sutton is finally saved from certain death at the animal shelter by Julie Cameron and they form a bond.

Gwem-Swa and Mr. Sutton are a constant source of humor as they see planet earth through their alien eyes."

Writer Biography

Robert is a Michigan native, growing up in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and is a graduate of Adrian College. His travel experience with extended stays in Spain, Argentina and Mexico has helped shaped his global perspective on storytelling. His screenplays have received international accolades. Robert's statement, "Satire has long been a staple of my writing. With Planet Venice, I have created a relevant Sci-fi conceit for my playful sitcom set in Venice Beach, California."

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