Pictures Up Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

“Picture’s Up” written by Andi Behring and Andrew Nicholson

"Picture's Up" written by Andi Behring and  Andrew Nicholson

The 24 page screenplay "Picture's Up" by Screenwriters Andi Behring and  Andrew Nicholson is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.

Tagline: "All hell breaks loose when a new pilot entitled "LA Secrets" starts filming in Atlanta. The show's team of producers tries to navigate through the chaos of the first episode."

Writer Biography

Andrea Behring who goes by Andi or “&D”, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Andi graduated from Sacramento State University in 2011, with a double bachelors degree in both Film Production and Digital Media. She was also a team captain of their Division I Track and Field team, in which she broke the school record in the shot put, and was also an Academic and NSCA All-American. She then immediately moved to Atlanta after graduating, and started working on any set where she could gain knowledge and experience. She has since become the locations department head manager on various television series, including “The Vampire Diaries”, “Black Lightning”, and “Dynasty”. She used her position location managing as a front row seat to study the shows writers, directors, and show runners.

Andi wrote the screenplay for her short film "Baggage" in early 2014, and in an effort to fundraise for production, the script was entered into screenwriting competitions across the country. It has been featured in the Houston Comedy Film Festival, Las Vegas Screenplay Competition, Nashville Film Festival, Milledgeville Film Festival, Canada Independent Film Festival (2nd Place), the APM Short Screenplay Competition, the London Film Awards and the 2016 Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Competition. Once she had enough fundraising, “Baggage” was shot on location in May of 2016 in New York City and in Atlanta, and it has since been featured in sixteen film festivals around the country. Andi wrote, directed, and edited “Baggage” as her first major short film debut.

“Picture's Up” is the first pilot script Andi has written. The script for “Picture’s Up” has recently been officially selected for the Action on Film Showcase in Las Vegas, as well as winning the “Best New Media Script” in the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition. Andi currently lives in Atlanta with her girlfriend Hayley, and their dog Beau. 

Writer Statement

"Picture's Up" was so much fun to build, write, and create a universe all in it's own as my very first pilot script took shape. After spending over six years working behind the scenes of a popular TV drama, it dawned on me that the routine behind the scenes hijinks that the crew were accustomed to could be a show unto itself out of sheer ridiculousness. Also while I've been working my way up in the industry, it became apparent rather quickly how few women were really in positions of power on set. My ultimate dream would be to write, direct, and show run "Picture's Up" for many seasons and change the landscape for women writers and directors. I am only twenty eight now but with seven years straight spent on set I have a lot of stories to tell that could keep Picture's up rich with content for several seasons. My ultimate dream would be to show run this series and direct many of it's episodes. I will continue working at it until this becomes a reality!

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