Official Selections Summer 2018

Another night of Comedy!

The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 2018 event date is Saturday July 28, 2018. Come to the Synchronicity Theatre in Midtown and enjoy an Atlanta night of comedy magic! Buy your tickets for Saturday July 28, 2018 at 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

These are the Official Selections of Film & Screenplays for the Summer 2018 session of The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival.

Official Film Selections 2018

Official Comedy Feature Film Screenplays  2018

  • "House Party: Abridged" Written by Matthew J. Muséy
  • "The Tour" Written by David J Keogh
  • "Philosophically Speaking" Written by Carla Miles & Hans Schmidt
  • "The Snip" Written by Eamonn Shaughnessy
  • "Cut the Cord - 20180501" Written by Jodi Asadourian
  • "Bull" Written by Chris Bonneau & Heather Ellingwood
  • "Boo Attitude" Written by Richard Barilla
  • "Iron Lung" Written by Kevin Kraft
  • "Tornado Wranglers" Written by Daniel T. Davis, Jr.
  • "The Odyssey of Homer Ledbetter" Written by Don Willis
  • "Twelve" Written by Tim Tyler
  • "Tugnutt: A Love Supreme" Written by Nathan Yacos
  • "Scabs" Written by Lee Kitchen
  • "Pace" Written by Sean Carmichael
  • "Battle of the Exes" Written by Matthew Hoch
  • "Back Home" Written by Matt Baker
  • "Two For One" Written by Jim Menza
  • "Happy Days" Written by Bernhard Riedhammer
  • "Barnabas is Dead" Written by Kevin Kraft
  • "PLAY THE FOOL" Written by Mark Gunnion
  • "Brostep" Written by Matt Lewis
  • "THE LOVE DOC'TA" Written by Kimberly Bramlett Cauley
  • "First Lady" Written by Nina May
  • "Last Wish" Written by Hayden Croft
  • "Adland" Written by Simon Wakelin
  • "Spacey and Strange" Written by Michael Angelella
  • "Apocalypses..." Written by Jude Gerard Prest
  • "THE DMV CHRONICLES" Written by Jana Godshall & Christina Stevens
  • "Gone Wild" Written by Kenneth Guidry
  • "Advanced Biology with Ms. Valentine" Written by Jennifer Poland
  • "The Land That Time Like Totally Forgot" Written by Steven Tsapelas
  • "My Friend with Asperger's" Written by João Maria
  • "The Brumby" Written by Justin Neal & Rob Moran

Official Comedy Television Episode Screenplays 2018

  • "SupaShawty Girls, Funkadelic RoboMagic BangBang" Written by Adamma Ebo
  • "Craig and his Uncle Ron" Written by Craig Miller & Dustin Chafin
  • "Something Stupid" Written by Ricky Tyree
  • "How Did We Get Here?" Written by Travis Darkow & Chris Isaacson
  • "It Takes A Village" Written by Marcelle A. Davis
  • "The Basement - "Home Gym" Written by Mac Cushing
  • "The Agents of Fortune" Written by Mac Cushing
  • "Brad, Actually - Once More, with Peeling" Written by Jeremy Bonali
  • "Recess Duty- A Satisfactory School" Written by Rani Deighe Crowe
  • "Pitching Tents" Written by Cody Peterson
  • "Broad City Spec" Written by McKenzie Moser
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