No Babies

No Babies Poster Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Justin Casselle is filmmaker based in Chicago, IL. He also has no babies.


  • Film Title: "No Babies"
  • Director: Justin Casselle
  • Runtime: 2 minutes 58 seconds
  • Category: Funny Music Video
  • Tagline: "An ode to birth control and living your best life, Chicago based (by way of Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC) comedian-rapper Aasia LaShay Bullock's video "No Babies" keeps it real for those who aren't quite ready to change diapers. Aasia's work has been featured in Vanity Fair, the New York Television Festival, NBC's Break Out Comedy Festival, The Today Show, Inside Culture, and the Emmy nominated “Brown Girls” web series. All without babies."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Justin Casselle
  • Key Cast: Aasia Bullock

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