“Never Say You’ll Never Eat Curry Again” written by Jeff Racho (Austin, TX)

"Never Say You'll Never Eat Curry Again" written by Jeff Racho 

The 24 page screenplay "Never Say You'll Never Eat Curry Again" by Screenwriter Jeff Racho is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.

Tagline: "The World's Greatest Secret Agent (TM), Sterling Archer (of the eponymous "Archer" comedy show on FX or FXX), encounters a 1960s-era secret agent during a secret mission to India. No, not James Bond. That would be too obvious. He meets Jonny Quest (from the eponymous [again] "Jonny Quest" show of the 1960s), the eleven year old prodigy son of Dr. Benton Quest, the world-renowned scientist who specializes in ... well, he can do a lot of different science stuff."

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