Mr. Mainframe

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Artist Bio

Mr Mainframe's Stanley Sievers is a director in Chicago, IL. His projects have earned him a handful of nominations & awards including "Best Director" at Houston Comedy Film Festival and "Best Editing" at Portland Comedy Film Festival. He regularly performs improv at iO Theater and Annoyance Theater in Chicago, and has studied Meisner Technique acting as well.


  • Film Title: "Mr. Mainframe"
  • Director: Stanley Sievers
  • Runtime: 6 minutes 52 seconds
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "Mr. Mainframe and his hacker group, The Movement, must evade their former colleague turned FBI agent, Venatius, in order to launch Project Jakarta - the only hope of keeping the future free."
  • Review: "A 90's hacker group attempts to launch a computer program to save the future in this brilliant adventure comedy by Stanley Sievers and Bryan Duff."

Cast & Credits

  • Director:  Stanley Sievers
  • Writer: Bryan Duff
  • Writer: Malcolm Morrison
  • Producer: Bryan Duff
  • Producer: Stanley Sievers
  • Director of Photography: Taylor Russ
  • Editor: Chris Owsiany
  • Editor: Stanley Sievers
  • Sound Mix/Master: Ed Bornstein
  • Graphic Design: Drew Flippin
  • Color: Taylor Russ
  • Key Cast: Bryan Duff
  • Key Cast: Alex Trepka
  • Key Cast: Patrick Rowland
  • Key Cast: Jimmy Pennington
  • Key Cast: Clare Austen-Smith
  • Key Cast: Christina Seo
  • Key Cast: Mike Aviles
  • Key Cast: Paul Casperson
  • Key Cast: Stanley Sievers
  • Key Cast: Alec Plant
  • Key Cast: Arlo Chapple


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