Brooklyn Nine-Nine Good Cop, Old Cop Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

“Loyal Royals” Original Pilot written by Sonia Gumuchian

""Loyal Royals" Original Pilot" written by Sonia Gumuchian 

The 30 page screenplay "Loyal Royals" Original Pilot by Screenwriter Sonia Gumuchian is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.

Tagline: "Set in a medieval town, the recently divorced King Robert is forced to move into his daughter’s castle across the lands and aims to regain the little dignity he has left. Princess Lilian and Robert, her conservative dad, are at odds when he disapproves of her engagement to a frog, pisses off a local population of culturally sensitive unicorns, and continues causing ruckus in her kingdom."

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