Lets Do It

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Artist Bio

From across the pond, London born "Lets Do It" Director and Editor Joel Jay Blacker is a millennial with no real life experience. Despite his short film, Let’s Do It, Joel has never had an orgy… only close.
Joel’s focus is currently on short form content, using comedy to highlight life in sometimes dark subjects.
Joel dreams of one day working and shooting with a live bear in the hopes of getting a real life bear hug… he has yet to work with a bear.


  • Film Title: "Let's Do It"
  • Director: Joel Jay Blacker
  • Runtime: 18 minutes 37 seconds
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "In an attempt to spice up his relationship, Mark manages to persuade his girlfriend Allie into throwing an orgy at their shared home. Kate and Jesse, a newer couple, are the only ones to show up. Things quickly get out of hand as alcohol, tempers, and self-esteem collide. Mark tries desperately to save the orgy as Allie and Jesse try to sabotage it at every turn, bringing in well-intentioned Steve to help bring about its end. Everyone’s motivations are called into question as the night unfolds, threatening to unravel the relationships of everyone who attends."
  • Review: "Joel Jay Blacker and Heather Voorhis directed and produced this emotional trainwreck involving two couples whose differences make for an unsettling night. The film depicts a dramatic performance of an exciting night gone wrong."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Joel Jay Blacker
  • Writer: Joel Jay Blacker
  • Writer: Samuel Roots
  • Producer: Heather Voorhis
  • Producer: Joel Jay Blacker
  • Key Cast: Olivia Choate
  • Key Cast: Dejean Brown
  • Key Cast: Hope Lauren
  • Key Cast: Clayton Farris
  • Key Cast: Mike Glazer
  • Key Cast: Sean Burgos

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