“The Laugh Inn” written by C. Nathaniel Brown

The Laugh Inn Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

Artist Bio

C. Nathaniel Brown is is a multi-award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, author and publisher. He is a bestselling author of 10 books, including the Shift Happens Then You Live series. He has won numerous awards for his screenplays, including Best Screenplay for Miracle’s Baby; Signs; and Tying Up Loose Ends. His movie, Chi Nu Legacy, features popular actors Dorien Wilson and Cocoa Brown and addresses the topic of campus sexual assault.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Brown enjoys creating new worlds through writing, watching sports, cooking and spending quality time with family and friends. He and his wife, Tarai Alexander, reside in Atlanta.

"The Laugh Inn" written by C. Nathaniel Brown 


The 26 page screenplay "The Laugh Inn" by Screenwriter C. Nathaniel Brown is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


"After 20-plus years of performing standup comedy, Mikki Harris has decided to retire from the business. Although shocked by the news, her mentee, up-and-coming comedienne Jazzie Sizemore, desires to continue to gain wisdom from her mentor. When Mikki discusses looking for business ventures to occupy her post-comedy career, Jazzie offers to partner with her. After looking at various opportunities, including real estate and several multi-level marketing companies, the two decide to pursue one of Mikki’s long lost dreams of running a bed and breakfast. With almost all their conversations comedy related, they decide to make it a comedy-themed business and call it The Laugh Inn."

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