La Barba (The Beard)

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Artist Bio

La Barba (The Beard) Director Alfredo Mazzara started off writing comics and children's stories. He then moved into the audiovisual as a director of documentaries, video clips, adverts and short films. He has always enriched his stories using the Enneagram, a psychological method of classifying personalities, and through Tarot reading, of which he is a professional reader. As a screenwriter, he has created several successful TV series in Italy for Rai and Mediaset. He has taught narrative techniques for around twenty years at major cinema schools in Rome. He is currently involved in the screenwriting for two feature films and the writing of a novel.


  • Film Title: "The Beard - a Neapoletan family story -"
  • Director: Alfredo Mazzara
  • Runtime: 12 Minutes
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "What if a hated relative on the verge of death offered you the richest share of the inheritance?"
  • Review: "After a huge family inheritance is announced during Uncle Nino’s death, the nephew learns the clever and funny difference between a clean shaven and bearded man. Alfredo Mazzaro directs “The Beard” successfully with an Italian retro vibe and dramatic performances."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Alfredo Mazzara
  • Writer: Alfredo Mazzara
  • Producer: UncoSo Factory e Vargo Film
  • Key Cast: Mariano Rigillo
  • Key Cast: Ernesto Mahieux
  • Key Cast: Enrico Ottaviano

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