It Takes A Village

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  • Screenplay Title: "It Takes A Village"
  • Writer: Marcelle A. Davis
  • Pages: 26
  • Category: Comedy Television Episode Screenplay 
  • Synopsis: "It Takes a Village reflects a proud African American working class family living in Atlanta, Georgia, whose world gets turned upside down when their college aged daughter returns home with an African husband. Its patriarch is Abraham Simmons, a blunt, narrow-minded family man, outwardly prejudiced against everyone who is not like him or his understanding of how people should be. Abraham's wife Ava Simmons is classy, and empathetic, but to some extent naïve although she is well educated; her husband sometimes jokingly calls her his "fried green tomato."

    Their daughter, Janay, although a feminist, is customarily kind and good-natured like her mother, but reveals touches of her father's stubbornness. Janay eloped in college to African exchange student Prince Shaheem Ali Fayed Jakande referred to as "Juju" by Abraham – whose values are likewise influenced and shaped by the African culture. Shakir Simmons is the adult son of Ava and Abraham and older brother to Janay. He suffers from the “Failure to Launch” syndrome and won’t move out until married even though he is already near 30 years old.

    The family represents the real-life clash of values between the traditional African culture and its African American adapted counterpart. For much of the series, the Jakande’s and Shakir all live in the Parents' home to save money, providing time and opportunity to thoroughly get to learn the other’s commonalities and inconsistencies within the shared race. The series aims to reflect the diversity, similarities, and contradictions within the African-American culture and experience. Classism, Colorism, Religion, Sexism, and Gender Identity are some of the topics that will be addressed.

    The show is set in the Downtown section of Atlanta with a large number of the scenes to take place in the Parents' home. The house is a refurbished craftsman style home. Occasional scenes take place in other locations, such as Bowtie’s Bar and Grill, a neighborhood tavern where Abraham spends a good deal of time.

    Supporting characters round out the cast. Auntie Sparkle lives in the house next door. Sparkle is Ava’s brash, sassy, money hungry, sister. Uncle Mack is Abraham’s lively, single, and flirty younger brother."


  • Writer: Marcelle A. Davis

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