House Party: Abridged

House Party Abridged Poster Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Matthew James Muséy was born in Lithonia, Georgia and grew up most of his life in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He is of Ghanaian decent on his father's side. Matthew has had a strong passion for watching and creating works since a young age and aspires to be a writer and director one day in hopes of spreading diversity in the film & television industry, as well as breaking stereotypes and providing a new, young insight into the business.

Matthew began creating numerous ideas for films and television shows from taking in works such as: Static Shock, Dragon Ball, Beverly Hills Cop I & II, Samurai Jack, Mission Impossible, Codename: Kids Next Door, Get Out, 24: Legacy, Spiderman: Homecoming, Neerja, and Seven Seconds. When it comes to a role model in this industry, Jordan Peele is the first name that comes to his mind. Matthew hopes to revolutionize a platform in the industry-just like Peele-and provide ground-breaking work for everyone of different backgrounds to relish.


  • Screenplay Title: "House Party: Abridged"
  • Writer: Matthew J. Muséy
  • Pages: 57 
  • Category: Comedy Feature Film Screenplay
  • Tagline: "A high school senior, Cooper Jackson, goes through his day to plan the biggest party of the year while his mother is away on a trip."


  • Writer: Matthew J. Muséy

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