Good Cop Black Cop

Good Cop Black Cop Poster Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Because of my admiration for film at a very young age, my family relocated to California so I could work in films and television. At the age of 21 I received my Associates Degree through New York Film Academy for Film. Since then, I continue my passions for the arts through writing, directing, acting & producing my own long and short form projects.

My love for the art of filmmaking & entertainment will never fade, & I aspire to share all forms of my artistry with the world.


  • Film Title: "Good Cop Black Cop"
  • Director: Ashley Karp & Alejandro Etcheagaray
  • Runtime: 5 minutes 
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "An interrogation goes awry as one cop contemplates what life is like as a black cop."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Ashley Karp
  • Director: Alejandro Etcheagaray
  • Writer: Clarke McMakin
  • Producer: Cheri Hodge
  • Key Cast: Quincy Johnson II
  • Key Cast: Darren J. Gendron
  • Key Cast: Ashley Karp
  • Key Cast: Magdalynne Sager

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