George & Monty “The Documentary”

George & Monty The Documentary Poster 02

Artist Bio

Fourth Ward Productions, Inc. is headed by director & producer John Schwert, whose credits include work on major and independent motion pictures including George & Monty “The Documentary”, national television commercials and an assortment of marketing and media content creation.


  • Film Title: "George & Monty "The Documentary"
  • Director: John Schwert
  • Runtime: 7 minutes 14 seconds
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "George & Monty are a dynamic marketing duo known for creating, borrowing, and stealing ad campaigns from the most recognizable brands in the country. The documentary reviews the ups and downs of their 'careers' and the people they left in their wake."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: John Schwert
  • Writer: John Schwert
  • Writer: Jason King
  • Producer: John Schwert
  • Producer: Jason King
  • Key Cast: John Schwert
  • Key Cast: Jason King
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