F.A.M. Screenshot 03 Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018
F.A.M. Screenshot 08 Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2018

Artist Bio

Director of 'F.A.M.'Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer, Kyle Romanek, is a film director, cinematographer and writer. He has won two Emmys alongside a small film team for short films featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Kyle has been making films since he was nine years old and his passion for film continued to grow while attending Full Sail University's film production program. Immediately after graduation Kyle was accepted into the Creative Minds Filmmaking Institute at the Cannes Film Festival. Soon after Romanek would camera assist on reality and scripted television on the East Coast for shows airing on Travel Channel, Lifetime and TLC. Inspired and motivated, Kyle set out to direct his first feature film based on a script of his own writing, "Astray". In the fall of 2016, Kyle co-hosted a panel at San Francisco Comic-Con about world building in low budget cinema focusing on his second feature film titled "Arg Stairs" which is currently in post-production. "Ditch the Van", premiering at Mountainfilm 2017, is one story of many to come from Malakye Films, founded by Kyle and his creative partner, Mallory Cunningham. They are currently in production on a short film titled "Simone"


  • Film Title: "F.A.M."
  • Director: Kyle Romanek
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Category: Comedy Short Film 
  • Tagline: "A father's life is complicated by a trio of women: his daughter, her mother, and his wife, who are all taking him on a ride."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Kyle Romanek
  • Writer: Anthony E Williams
  • Producer: Anthony E Williams
  • Producer: Mallory Cunningham
  • Producer: Sean Morse-Barry
  • Cinematographer: Cody Duncum
  • Casting Director/Key Cast: Moses Jones
  • Key Cast: Acacia Leigh
  • Key Cast: Breana Cymone
  • Key Cast: Candace West

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