Fall 2017 Nominations

Single Funniest Moment

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Single Funniest Moment" Award

Most Original Concept

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Most Original Concept" Award

Best Supporting Actor

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Supporting Actor" Award


Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Supporting Actress" Award

Best MIcro Short Film

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Micro Short" Award

Best Dark Comedy

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Dark Comedy" Award

Best Short Film

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Short Film" Award

Best Film Editing

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Film Editing" Award

Best Cinematography

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Cinematography" Award

Best Original Music

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Original Music" Award

Best Ensemble Cast

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Ensemble Cast" Award


Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Director" Award

 Best Actress

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Actress" Award

 Best Actor

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Actor" Award

Best Feature Screenplay

Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Feature Length Screenplay" Award


Fall 2017 Nominations: "Best Television Episode Screenplay " Award

Higher Intelligence

Higher Intelligence Screenshot

Artist Bio

Higher Intelligence Creators.

Fabio Ferro is an animator with 21 years of experience in artistic and advertising projects, his animated short "Subversive Brote", was one of the first samples of 3D animation in Ecuador. 

Roberto Sempértegui is a film director with 18 years of experience in shorts, video clips and advertising. Both directors combined their experience in script, film and animation to direct this great project.


  • Film Title: "Higher Intelligence"
  • Director: Roberto Sempértegui & Fabio Ferro
  • Runtime: 3 minutes 35 seconds
  • Category: Micro Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "Somewhere in the Ecuadorian highlands, a martian - a very unlucky one- practices to make a crop circle. His worst nightmare will be a stubborn cow who will not let him finish what he started."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Roberto Sempértegui
  • Director: Fabio Ferro
  • Writer: Roberto Sempértegui
  • Writer: Fabio Ferro
  • Producer: La Cuerda
  • Key Cast: Juan Carlos Martínez
  • Art Design: Fabio Ferro
  • Music & Sound Effects: Miguel Sevilla
  • Modeling and Animation: David Cazar
  • Modeling and Animation: Santiago Vivas
  • Modeling and Animation: Fabio Ferro
  • Modeling and Animation: Hector Villacrés
  • Modeling and Animation: Paúl Morales
  • Rigging, Texture and Lightning: David Cazar
  • VFX and Postproduction: David Cazar
  • VFX and Postproduction: Fabio Ferro
  • VFX and Postproduction: Kleber Carrasco
  • Music: Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

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Squeezed Screenshot

Artist Bio

Squeezed Director Michel Goossens is an award winning filmmaker. Originally from the Netherlands, Michel extensively traveled the world and lived in Australia and Canada before settling in Spain while advancing a career in clinical research. 


  • Film Title: "Squeezed"
  • Director: Michel Goossen
  • Runtime: 8 Minutes 18 seconds
  • Category: Comedy Short Film
  • Tagline: "A couple away for their 5-year anniversary discover some new things about each other."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Michel Goossens
  • Producer: Michel Goossens
  • Director of Photography: Tess Masero Brioso
  • Sound: Luis Perez
  • Location Manager: Ana Manzanedo
  • Key Cast: Stephanie Figueras
  • Key Cast: David Chevers

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Nuts Screenshot


  • Film Title: "Nuts"
  • Director: Theo Sena
  • Runtime: 4 minutes 15 seconds
  • Category: Micro Comedy Short Film 
  • Tagline: "A man wakes up and fixes a world that isn’t broken."

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Theo Sena
  • Writer: Theo Sena
  • Producer: Massoumeh Emami
  • Key Cast: Sam Osterhout

“12 Feet Deep” Written by Jimmie Rogers

“12 Feet Deep” Written by Jimmie Rogers

The screenplay “12 Feet Deep” Written by Jimmie Rogers is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


"After killing the wrong people in a drunken rage, a low-class hitman who moonlights as a news editor must survive the night with the help of a friend and his intern once a contract is put on his head."

“Tim’s Island” Written by Clint Orr

“Tim’s Island” Written by Clint Orr

Tims Island written by Clint Orr Poster

The screenplay “Tim’s Island” Written by Clint Orr is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


"Two bored twenty-somethings decide that life would be more fun as castaways and sabotage a small cruise ship, hoping for a Gilligan-inspired life on a desert island. They soon find that weather, famine, and the increasing danger of hostile natives prove that they may have made a huge mistake."

“Jen Again” Written By Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

“Jen Again” Written By Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub

Jen Again Poster

The screenplay “Jen Again” Written By Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


"Loosely based on the popular divorce blog, 'The TRUTH Hurvitz', JEN AGAIN is a half-hour, mid-life 'coming of age' dramedy that follows the funny, sexy, honest, unapologetic and controversial travails of Jen. A Jewish uber mom/wife from Detroit who suddenly finds herself living on the middle notch of the Bible belt in Charlotte, North Carolina when her husband gets a new job assignment. This begins a new chapter in Jen's life...seeing how she survives living as a Jewish American Princess in the Queen City. With resentment building from the move...no family or friends to 'kvetch' to, and a distant husband is there a divorce on the horizon? We learn to fall in love with Jen during her struggle, It's your perfect fish out of water story, Crocodile Dundee meets Carrie Bradshaw. Relatable and heartfelt...this is Jen Again."

Links: Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

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