Blind Date


  • Film Title: "Blind Date"
  • Director: Fanyana Hlabangane
  • Runtime: 11 minutes 3 seconds
  • Category: Comedy Short Film 
  • Tagline: "A highly strung bachelorette decides to gives herself a chance on the online dating scene by meeting her potential at his house for the first time. Their encounter however is overshadowed by his poor social skills and unique worldview. The lunch date becomes a brief but odd encounter, punctuated with her surreal experience of his bizarre living conditions."
  • Synopsis: Janet is a woman who can tell you all about bad encounters with the opposite sex. The only thing she's become intimate with is dissapointment. But she may have yet turned the corner with this one: She decides to give herself another chance at the dating game by meeting her potential in person, Tshepo, whom she connected with on Tinder a few weeks ago.

    She breaks blind dating rule number one and goes to his place for a lunch date. But all expectations come tumbling when she encounters him. If David Lynch's films found a body to occupy... Jerry is an off-centre individual; a person whose eccentric personality shifts between the unorthodox and surreal at a whim. But Janet has come this far, and must therefore brave out what could be the worst date in recent human history

Cast & Credits

  • Director: Fanyana Hlabangane
  • Co-Producer: Fanyana Hlabangane
  • Co-Writer: Fanyana Hlabangane
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