“A Very White Christmas” written by Madeleine Gentinetta

A Very White Christmas 2 Madeleine Gentinetta Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Fall 2017

"A Very White Christmas" written by Madeleine Gentinetta 

The 108 page screenplay "A Very White Christmas" by Screenwriter Madeleine Gentinetta is an official selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival: Fall 2017.


"The story opens in a traditional English country house, where a family enjoys the spoils of Christmas. ROBERT and MARTHA look over their children and grandchildren with pride around a well-devoured dinner table.

Family friend WILL comments that Christmas is more about sin than love. Robert and Martha’s daughter ANNA and her husband PIERRE disagree, and their son NICK brags about his luscious and rich life without kids.

As Martha and Nick prepare to say their goodbyes, Martha reminds them to clear out any belongings they may have in the family’s pied a terre in the city, as renovations begin next month.

Next, police officers HERBIE and DUSTIN chat about their thoughts of Christmas – Herbie loves the holiday, Dustin hates it - as they stake out a building from an unmarked car. They notice a suspicious man (CARLOS) entering the apartment block and are told by dispatch to keep an eye on him, but to not yet move in for the arrest.

Inside, Carlos enters a beautiful suite and makes himself a Nespresso. He then hides bags of cocaine in the stomach of a Buddha figurine – he’s a drug dealer – before hearing noises in the hallway and hides himself in the bathroom.

Herbie and Dustin make note that two more people have arrived at the apartment – it’s Anna and her lover LANCE, who are rendezvousing at the pied a terre. Lance asks Anna to marry him and she scoffs at the idea – for her, it’s about sex, not love. They notice an aroma of coffee and they take a cursory look around before becoming distracted by their own attraction and fall into bed.

In the bathroom, the trapped drug dealer makes himself comfortable in the shower. He chats with his scary drug boss FRANK by text, who wonders where the hell his mule is.

After their tryst, Anna reveals to Lance she is pregnant – but will not be keeping the baby. Lance is devastated. They hear a noise in the apartment and Lance panics, running out to the balcony in a blanket and his underwear.

At the door is Anna’s father Robert and family friend Will – who are more than happy to have some alone time. These two philosophy professors are clearly more than friends... Will heads to the bathroom to change into something more flirty and sexy, while poor Carlos suffers from behind the shower curtain.

Will emerges in a nurse’s outfit, while Robert obeys in handcuffs and a hospital gown: they play doctor in the naughtiest of ways – while Anna listens from behind the bedroom door, not quite knowing what she’s hearing. As the two lovers take a break from their game, Will heads onto the balcony for a cigarette and discovers Lance – while Anna discovers her father in the most compromising position of his life. Merry Christmas to her...

The two have a heated heart to heart about their true selves and the masks they wear in their lives to get along and survive. It’s a tender moment in an otherwise awkward position, and the two find some peace.

A key jiggles in the lock, and behold – Martha walks in. She’s agog at the sight of her daughter and husband, and Robert is forced to admit his true self to his wife. The two argue and Robert then outs Martha as well – as an alcoholic. Anna feels sick to her stomach and rushes to the bathroom.

There, she grips her insides and moans, discovering blood running down her legs. She’s in the throes of a miscarriage. She pulls back the curtain to get into the tub and finds Carlos – a rough drug dealer, but a welcome support nonetheless during her intense time of need.

Outside, Lance and Will continue to wax on about life until they hear a scream and Lance rushes to Anna’s side. Mom Martha tells him Anna has lost the baby and he again is sideswiped by the information.

Everyone converges in the living room and Martha learns of the identity of Robert’s lover, Will, and she feels betrayed again. They all try to hash out the complicated relationship mess they’re in. Frustrated and angry, Martha picks up the Buddha figurine and tosses it at Robert – and a white cloud of cocaine fills the air. It stops them all in their tracks, and after some discussion they decide against calling the police.

At the same time, detectives Lance and Herbie watch yet another man enter the apartment and call in reinforcement – the apartment they’re watching definitely is seeing some action tonight.

Inside, the man enters the suite – it’s Pierre, Anna’s husband, who is aware of her infidelity but not that she was with child. Lance declares his love for Anna and the dynamic adds even more complexity to this Christmas gathering.

The door opens again – this time, it’s Frank. He’s tired of waiting for mule Carlos and he’s come with a gun to figure out what is going on. Frank sees the cocaine all over the place, blood on the floor of the bathroom and assumes the worst happened to Carlos – until Robert sets the record straight about who runs the show in this situation, and it’s not the scary drug boss. The family manages to get the gun away from Frank and they use a pair of sexy handcuffs to lock him down.

Frank begins to cry at the dedication of Robert and this seemingly tight-knit family: Frank’s own wife and daughter are estranged and his mother and brother have both died. The group bonds with the thug and he and Carlos are enveloped into the family themselves.

Finally, the door opens again and it’s Nick – the one missing relative, and the architect of all this drug dealing. As the family tries to move him away from his hedonistic lifestyle, the cops move in. Tactical forces blast into the apartment and arrest the whole group for trafficking cocaine.

In the melee, Robert has a heart attack – and Frank performs the medical technique needed to save his life. Returning from after life Robert reports his discovery that it’s all about love. A true Christmas message.

The entire ragtag group are overwhelmed with emotion, and sounds of Hear! The Herald Angels Sing fills the room. As their voices ring out through the night, officer Dustin explains that this is why he hates Christmas: it only happens but once a year."

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